Tuesday, August 07, 2012


When asked to help replace a sprocket, the trombone has to go somewhere...  The hoist seemed like a good place.  I am not a big fan of Alto Clef.  Well, maybe I like it OK for violas,  I just don't like reading trombone parts in it.  That's because I need to spend many hours practicing, and if I got good at it, I'd like it fine, I suppose.  But the sprocket worked out well.  I love when Himself lets me use tools. That doesn't happen very often.  Especially right now when a cute 350 Honda from the 80's is resisting all his efforts to make it run smoothly.  I got to help him, but had to use my hand to hold first a bolt, then a nut.  Success.  Himself has his own repair business now.

This weekend was the club picnic, and lots of bikes showed up.  There were so many people there, not everyone got a chance to talk to everyone, though there was a constant flow and no end of topics -- each bike being its own topic, and everyone wanting to know everything.  They let me sign up new members and take money.  This Triumph Bobber was so artfully done I couldn't help but like it.


Avus said...

That trombone is just asking to be connected to the end of that muffler! (see - I even know the American for "silencer"!)

Vita said...

I didn't know a muffler was a silencer until now. Yikes, what an idea! I think not.