Thursday, October 26, 2017

2017 Birthday Camping Trip

 Here's the 1954 BSA B-31 on a camping trip to the coast.  This photo was taken Oct 5 by HH.  With a rider 68 years old and a bike 63 years old, they did quite well.
 Everytime he rides one of his motorcycles (which is not everyday, but nearly) he says that particular bike is running beautifully, better than ever.  The enthusiasm is without restraint.  He claims that whoever rebuilt it was brilliant.  He bought it on eBay and had it shipped from New Zealand
That was a long time ago.  He's sold the other BSA, a 650 Lightning, because it' not that different from his 650 Triumph Tiger.  Now he has a little more room in the shop.  He keeps talking of selling other motorcycles, but I think people have to actually give him good offers, like the kind he can't refuse.  That's how he sold the Lightning, not that he meant to.  It just happened.

 Anyway, back to this trip, which he says he'll do again next year, he was a little cold, and there wasn't enough daylight, and the ground was too hard, and it hurt just to get up in the morning, though he didn't sleep much.  It was too dark to do anything other than stay in the sleeping bag and wait for dawn.

On the way home,  he was zipping up a hill and the bike was running strong, until it wasn't.  He limped home and fixed it and says an intake valve was too tight, though he'd thought it was a clogged fuel line, and he changed the fuel filter.  Anyway, he fixed it after it got him home.  (Hooray B-31).  Now he says it's better than ever.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Little Old Honda on Mary's Peak

Beautiful morning and time to kill before HH's BFF from high school arrives, so HH took the little old Honda 100 for a ride up to the hill top.  BFF lives on the opposite coast, so his arrival is a Big Deal.  He works as an ASL interpreter and has always since high school driven motorcycles.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Nice Day so Far

Photo from a ride HH took after a month of rain.  He was the high bidder on an Ebay auction and bought a 1960 Series IIIA Hillman Minx, which we plan to pick up on Tuesday.  Have cleaned out the garage to make room for it.  I don't know where to park anymore, because I used to line up with a Rupp which isn't parked in there anymore.  He says he'll hang a tennis ball so I know where to park if I want him to.  So far I'm doing all right without it.
 The little BSA needed exercise, too.  No need to be rescued this time.  A crow stopped by for a visit.
 Here's a picture of the Minx.  It's got 4-doors, fog lights, a roof rack, and 4 on the floor.  I'm so excited.  Woo hoo!  Hope my shifting skills come back.  I failed last time I tried to drive a stick!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Out of Gas

Trip meter failure.  He was on his way to buy gas after a mountain run when ran out of fumes.  The passing bicyclist said, "Nice Beezer."  I used to get that mixed up with "Beemer."

An old gas can for an old bike, he says.  

Sunday, November 06, 2016


I just got a call that the BSA B-31 is out of gas so I'm off to put gas in the can and find him.  Ya me.

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

September Look Back

School has started up again, so it's time to obey the speed limit signs in the school zones. Summer is done.   Sort of.
 Here's a before photo of the Laverda along with a customer's Harley from back in the days of customers, and the scooter I failed to ride much because my knee felt too unstable.  Going was fun, right turns were OK, but stopping was not fun.  Alas.  Stupid knee.
 And here's the Laverda after, because it's so pretty.

Things have been getting in the way of the camping trip.  He took one failure of a trip on the 250 Ninja, but was miserable the whole time due to heavy rain.  I'm pretty sure that was the last heavy rain of the summer.  Anyway, he gave up and put a sneaky electronic ignition on the B-31.  It doesn't show, so it's sneaky.  He tried so hard and spent lots of money trying to get the original magneto and whatnot to behave reliably, but gave up.  Armature was one of the words he kept using.  I couldn't keep track.  Anyway, as soon as he's gotten a root canal (that's a tooth thing) and a club ride and the wedding of friends, he'll be ready to take the B-31 on a camping trip to Mt. Lassen.

Meanwhile, I get to see a very odd classical music production involving a local composer,  poetry,  small groups, singing, ballerinas, and the daughter playing viola.
We went for a lovely drive in the '57 Chevy for Labor Day.  He likes to tease me that I'll have to drive it.  I have, and I can, but I prefer not.  A road was closed so we followed a gravel detour that meandered between a hillside and a stream with logging on the left and farming on the right.
As you can see the sky was beautiful.  We guessed all sorts of things for the orchard, but couldn't really come up with anything.  Nut?  Fruit? Maybe one of those.
 Here's another old photo when he was still working on other people's bikes.  This is a ground up restoration of an old BMW.  It was almost as pretty as the Laverda when he was through.  I think the shirt came from Chicago, and this is the only time he wore it. 
This pretty sky photo has a stunt plane doing loops and other scary stunt plane tricks at the local airport.  The pilots went up one at a time and did a rehearsed routine.  They were all very nice and happy to answer any questions.  The weather was perfect for plane watching and since it was more of a competition than a spectator event, there was no admission and no crowds. 

We enjoy our quiet and calm valley.  Football season will come and things will get wilder. 

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Father's Day and Camping Trip

That's Dad.  He was a handsome guy, but whenever he was going to have his photo taken, he put on his Picture Face, which he's wearing in this blurry old scanned photo.  Golf was his game, after he quit playing baseball. He'd have been a professional at baseball if it hadn't been for WWII.  As it was, he was shortstop and manager for a Pacific Coast League team, and he batted clean-up.  

 Speaking of fathers, the one who lives here is off on a motorcycle trip.  He says he's getting one in while he still can, since he doesn't know how long he'll be able to keep doing it.  But he thinks the B-31 will be a good motorcycle for an old guy because it's light, smooth, easy.  Except, he's still having armature troubles.  So though he loaded it up, it's not what he took.  I put a B-31 photo in a few posts ago, and it was one taken while it was still in New Zealand.  He bought it on Ebay many years ago.  It's much nicer now.  Just so you know.

The next bike he loaded up was the 250 Ninja.  It's extremely reliable, nimble, easy, light, and amazingly fast. (He says that about everything).  I failed to get a photo before he unpacked it and put everything on the 750Four Honda.   Can you see the Ninja in the background?  It's the one with all the graphic design and more current stylings.  Here's the Honda all ready to go.  He left yesterday and went up to Goldendale, Washington and met his friends from Seattle.  I'm not sure what all they were riding.  He took the camera, so maybe I'll see photos.

It's a very special bike that used to belong to his step-brother in Ohio.  He was a father, too.

I was out watering the turtle this morning, when I thought I heard thunder.  These days, lots of things make noise that sounds like thunder.  I looked around for neighbors moving their yard scrap recycle barrels.  Those are usually the cause of the sound-like-thunder.  There were some solid grey clouds to the southwest, but my view of the sky is blocked by gables.

A neighbor came over looking for HH, and I asked him if he'd seen any lightning.  He said "No, but I heard it."  Ha! Well, the sound like thunder kept up, and rumbled on in that rolling way it sometimes has, and the clouds got darker, so I decided to start winding up the hose.  Just about the time I was done, it began to pour, and I even caught a glimpse of a flash, and that crack was LOUD.  My back is still wet from moving a planter that doesn't drain in under the eaves.

There's something so exciting about thunder and lightning.  I guess it's because it's so dangerous.  I came in here and looked up all the places HH was on the weather map, and I think he's clear.   He should be home tonight, so we can have fun with Daughter tomorrow.  Don't think I'll plan a picnic.