Saturday, October 17, 2015

Success with Seeds

We took a trip this spring, and when we returned, temperatures were in the high 90s, so I waited for them to fall back to the low 80s before planting seeds.  I bought Mailbox Mix morning glories, and it wasn't until very recently (possibly late September) that there were any blooms.  It's such fun to look every morning and see what new flower has opened.  I think this is the most it's given me in one day.  There are also pole beans tangled up with this, and I've now harvested enough to make a pot of beans.  This is much better than the time I grew zucchini or turnips--my other attempts as seeds.  The birds, however, are having quite a fruitful time planting seeds in the driveway.  What to try next year?

Saturday, August 01, 2015

The Amazing Box

 HH's brother sent his old lathe, which weighed in the box somewhere between 300 and 400 lbs, to Portland for Himself to retrieve from the shipping company, which was in the industrial area about 175 miles away or so.  We had to use the truck to get it because it wouldn't fit in the car.  Everywhere we went people were giving us admiring glances and high fives, not knowing the trouble that lay ahead for us.  The day was hot and the traffic heavy, and we broke down twice on the side of the interstate, the first time on a narrow bridge near a very busy exit onto another interstate, with trucks whizzing by what seemed like inches away.  There was a vapor-lock and fuel refused to get past the carburetor.  What Himself says about it is, "If you have old vehicles you don't know what's wrong with them until you drive them."  He thinks he might need a new fuel pump soon, because maybe it was just getting too old and weak to push through that vapor-lock, and maybe it's time to service the radiator.  He got to check things and see what was working and what wasn't.  Anyway, it was an exciting adventure for us.  We had a picnic in the cab while we let it cool off.
 We made it safely home after a second breakdown, but this time he knew it was just too hot, and he got to check things, and we got home in the very perfect exact nick of time for me to get to the park and play with my band, which was having an extra bonus concert just down the road from our house.  Just one fun thing after another.
Brother of HH likes to do things well, and that is how he made the crate for the lathe.  I never saw a label bolted on before I saw this.  This was the second freeway breakdown without a motorcycle in as many months.  I'm happy and lucky to get to have all this fun and adventure.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Look What I Found

i am amazed that this blog is still here, just sitting around doing nothing for years.  HH and I took a little drive (he likes to say it was 8,000 miles) to see old friends and relatives on the other side of the Mississippi River.  We also saw the Atlantic Ocean from the tip of one side of the Chesapeake Bay.

I got distracted by the Capitol Dome, which we saw on a whirlwind tour of Washington, DC, which they just call Washington on all the road signs, but here is HH with both the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean behind him.

This green photo was taken at a relative's in Ohio.  She has a bottle tree and a glass tree.  The yellow sign just peeking out from the left says to watch out for motorcycles.  We made it to the east coast and back to the west coast, just by taking the little roads through the little towns and farms.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012


When asked to help replace a sprocket, the trombone has to go somewhere...  The hoist seemed like a good place.  I am not a big fan of Alto Clef.  Well, maybe I like it OK for violas,  I just don't like reading trombone parts in it.  That's because I need to spend many hours practicing, and if I got good at it, I'd like it fine, I suppose.  But the sprocket worked out well.  I love when Himself lets me use tools. That doesn't happen very often.  Especially right now when a cute 350 Honda from the 80's is resisting all his efforts to make it run smoothly.  I got to help him, but had to use my hand to hold first a bolt, then a nut.  Success.  Himself has his own repair business now.

This weekend was the club picnic, and lots of bikes showed up.  There were so many people there, not everyone got a chance to talk to everyone, though there was a constant flow and no end of topics -- each bike being its own topic, and everyone wanting to know everything.  They let me sign up new members and take money.  This Triumph Bobber was so artfully done I couldn't help but like it.

Friday, July 06, 2012

July 4

We went to Monmouth for the 4th of July so we could catch Ben Rice and his Ben Rice Band with Paul Biondi on "horns".  That's Ben Rice with the green sunglasses and his brother Tommy climbing the bass.  They entertain!  Ben writes most of his songs, and they're GOOD!  To hear some of this music, here's the web site:  

Saturday, May 26, 2012

What am I Doing?

Just for the heck of it, right now I'm playing in 4 musical groups.  There is a serious problem for the groups counting on the local Parks and Recreation department for practice space funding, because everyone, nation, state, county, city, everyone is having a hard time making ends meet, so we'll all have to come up with our own funding.  The Symphony isn't dependent on Parks and Rec, so so far so good there, and the quintet is small and practices in members houses.  But the big band and the community band are too large not to need a space.  The big band just came under the wing of the community band so donations can be tax deductible, but one of us had to be on the Band Board of Directors, so I'm it.  I try not to disrupt the meetings too much.  That is harder than it sounds.

Himself has retired from fixing county vehicles and equipment, and started a motorcycle repair business, and to help with that, I'm taking a class at the local community college in Quick Books.  I'm am quite the slowest thinking person there.  Good thing I'm not competitive.  One of Himself's friends recommended the class, and he is taking it, too, so when I see him outside of school we can talk about it and discuss problems.  Great class, and great teacher.  I enjoy helping in the shop and picking up parts, too.  All I have to do is sign, and they have everything ready for me.  Fun!

Just last weekend his old motorcycle club had a ride and show, and I got to help put exhibitor ribbons on all the bikes and take pictures.  Himself was so busy talking to people he didn't get to see all the motorcycles there.  I didn't get to see all the interesting bikes in the parking lot, but I saw everything that was entered.  The Norton above was a recent customer, and though he didn't win a trophy, he got a ribbon at the show, and he went on the ride.  Below is the town where we stopped.  

Wednesday, March 21, 2012