Wednesday, March 23, 2016

It's Spring

What fun.  I get to play with a brass and pipe organ group for Easter.  Rehearsal was last night, and there are two trombones.  I got the fun part for the Gigout Dialogue, which is the Trombone part.  The other guy got stuck with the Tuba part and apologies.  He got the best parts on everything else, but nothing else is as good as the Gigout.  So Lucky Me!  What fun!  It's all fun, really.

HH got the Laverda all working and pretty and put together.  He has a bench seat, too, which isn't as nice, but he says he'll put it on and he take me for a ride after he does some more tweeking.  His test drive was 50 miles, and he wasn't satisfied, though he said it was great.  He's ordered a few more parts and grumbled about how he should have done this and that the first time.

I'm pretty excited because he's talking about maybe getting a fun little car, like our old Metropolitan (which was built on a big-eye Sprite chassis), only different, but which he sold.  I've been saying how I miss it, and was surprised and delighted just to hear him talking about getting something similar.  I'm open to suggestions, but whatever he finds will probably become It.  If I'm lucky.  I find things, too.  I found the Metropolitan and the Avanti that we we used to have.  Can't hang on to cars like we can motorcycles, because cars take up so much room!

Friday, January 29, 2016

This Morning

George (not his real name) cam over this morning.  HH, George and I (I got to work the jack) installed the Lavarda engine in the frame.

George with one of his bikes pictured below.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Happy January

There are slugs outside.  I see one smashed all over the front entry; a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  The survivors are happy because there are lovely crocus blossoms to eat.  Happy slugs.  The crocus look happy, too.

The Laverda has mostly left the guest room, where it was taking up the entire bed and floor as well as the blanket chest at the foot of the bed.  It's not all together yet, but an amazing amount of progress has been made.  The engine went from this

(Isn't it lovely?) to this

in a short time, but only short since HH started the reassembly process.  It's been quite a while since he took it all apart and got it all pretty as these pictures attest.  He claims he had to redo some of his work because he'd forgotten how it went together, and the manuals and his photos were lacking in details, but he's pretty sure he's got it right now, and even started it with the starter motor.  What larks!  Happy engine.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Old Cars Remembered

Avus posted about his cars, and HH pointed this out to me, so I'm posting about mine.  HH says he never saw a Morris Minor convertible, but I remember the gorgeous one I saw while on a family visit with my parents and brothers in Oakland, California in the 60s.  It was on the downtown streets hauling men in suits around the Kaiser Building--with top down.  I saw it briefly, but pegged it as high among my favorites.  Here are photos of one of my Dad's Morris Minors that my brainy brother Bill drove to university.  My brothers and I used to all three ride in the back seat with Mom and Dad in the front, and it was a tight fit for sure.  Now the brainy brother has a Morris Woody or two, but they're in some storage barn waiting for the mythical Someday. 

My second car was a beauty, as seen in the photo at right.  Like the first only spiffier.  The first one Dad bought for me.  It was three colors, a Volkswagon-burnt orange red with a white top and a blue right hand door, which opened on it's own schedule, usually when making a left hand turn, but not when the passenger wanted to exit.  Another exciting feature was the rain it collected on the floorboards which sloshed back and forth with the use of brakes and gas pedals, and always made me laugh, especially when maneuvering out of a parking place.  Everything on this second car worked, except the defrost, so when it was icy out, the window had to be down with the scraper in hand working like a window wiper.  It just wasn't made for ice.

One more car, a 1960 Jaguar MKll.  Dad bought it in the early 60s while I was away at camp and drove it to visit (and show off).  I saw it parked and ran to get my little brother Stan to show him the beautiful car parked in the alley.  He was very pleased to tell me it was Dad's.  When I went to the tech school in town Dad let me drive it.  Years later, HH said I could have it and we made Dad an offer, which he accepted.  This photo was taken while it was still Dad's car.  That's his Porsche on the other side of the Jaguar.  Brother Bill bought the Porsche and has it still.  We sold the Jaguar to pay medical bills when DD was born.  It went back to England, but was fun while it lasted.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Success with Seeds

We took a trip this spring, and when we returned, temperatures were in the high 90s, so I waited for them to fall back to the low 80s before planting seeds.  I bought Mailbox Mix morning glories, and it wasn't until very recently (possibly late September) that there were any blooms.  It's such fun to look every morning and see what new flower has opened.  I think this is the most it's given me in one day.  There are also pole beans tangled up with this, and I've now harvested enough to make a pot of beans.  This is much better than the time I grew zucchini or turnips--my other attempts as seeds.  The birds, however, are having quite a fruitful time planting seeds in the driveway.  What to try next year?

Saturday, August 01, 2015

The Amazing Box

 HH's brother sent his old lathe, which weighed in the box somewhere between 300 and 400 lbs, to Portland for Himself to retrieve from the shipping company, which was in the industrial area about 175 miles away or so.  We had to use the truck to get it because it wouldn't fit in the car.  Everywhere we went people were giving us admiring glances and high fives, not knowing the trouble that lay ahead for us.  The day was hot and the traffic heavy, and we broke down twice on the side of the interstate, the first time on a narrow bridge near a very busy exit onto another interstate, with trucks whizzing by what seemed like inches away.  There was a vapor-lock and fuel refused to get past the carburetor.  What Himself says about it is, "If you have old vehicles you don't know what's wrong with them until you drive them."  He thinks he might need a new fuel pump soon, because maybe it was just getting too old and weak to push through that vapor-lock, and maybe it's time to service the radiator.  He got to check things and see what was working and what wasn't.  Anyway, it was an exciting adventure for us.  We had a picnic in the cab while we let it cool off.
 We made it safely home after a second breakdown, but this time he knew it was just too hot, and he got to check things, and we got home in the very perfect exact nick of time for me to get to the park and play with my band, which was having an extra bonus concert just down the road from our house.  Just one fun thing after another.
Brother of HH likes to do things well, and that is how he made the crate for the lathe.  I never saw a label bolted on before I saw this.  This was the second freeway breakdown without a motorcycle in as many months.  I'm happy and lucky to get to have all this fun and adventure.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Look What I Found

i am amazed that this blog is still here, just sitting around doing nothing for years.  HH and I took a little drive (he likes to say it was 8,000 miles) to see old friends and relatives on the other side of the Mississippi River.  We also saw the Atlantic Ocean from the tip of one side of the Chesapeake Bay.

I got distracted by the Capitol Dome, which we saw on a whirlwind tour of Washington, DC, which they just call Washington on all the road signs, but here is HH with both the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean behind him.

This green photo was taken at a relative's in Ohio.  She has a bottle tree and a glass tree.  The yellow sign just peeking out from the left says to watch out for motorcycles.  We made it to the east coast and back to the west coast, just by taking the little roads through the little towns and farms.