Saturday, June 30, 2018

Window Seal Success

With the successful installation of the window seal, we started driving the Minx farther afield.  There was a car show in Brooks at the Vintage Car and Motorcycle Museum where the Laverda is for the summer,  so we took the minx there.  I was delighted to see this 1946 Hillman Minx with the suicide 
You can just see the bottom of a Studebaker sign on the wall above many lovely old cars, and the blue hood-like thing over the top of the Minx hood is on a Leyland tractor.  Who knew?  Not me.
I heard a nice putt-putt sound as this 1914 Buick Touring Car drove up and parked a Corvette and a Cougar away from our 1960 Minx.  (See the Minx below with it's hood up just past the little red Corvette?  Yes, the red bits are what you can see of a 1958 Corvette convertible.)
This Corvair Corsa would have my Corvair brother drooling, but he didn't come down to Brooks, so didn't see it.  That blue flash in back is HH's Laverda.  (I get a thrill just seeing it.)
HH covets this 1940 Triumph Speed Twin, which spent the war years (WWII) and some years after leaning up against a tree out in the weather.
Here's the Best in Show bike from the LaMay Museum.  
And here are a couple more bikes from the Northwest Vintage Car and Motorcycle Museum display.

After the show weekend, we went to Nashville in the Hillman, where it met an Irishman who was thrilled to see it, and his son-in-law, also delighted, who went home to get  his wife's '57 Chevy.  
The original colors were a two-tone cream above and pink below.  Very popular at the time.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Test Drives

This is the Sunbeam after it's test drive.  Everything is working fine, except the old carburetor, but he can deal with it.  I see that other vehicles have shift quadrants, but not like this one.
The day before the shift quadrant was installed in the Sunbeam S7, he put a star hub, which also came in a box in the mail, in the Harley 45.  Luckily, the sun was out both days and both bikes got a test drive.
Last week there was also a day of sun, so all these got trips to the gas station for a top up.
Here's the other side of the Sunbeam after it's successful test ride.  Test drive.  Well, the bike didn't drive itself!
And here's another sun/shade shot of the 45 flathead.  I sure like the way it looks without bags, even if it does have the mounting brackets mucking up the line of the rear fender.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

1947 Sunbeam S7 Quadrant Installed

To me, this looks like the head of a strange golf club, but I know now that it's called a quadrant.  HH ordered parts from Stewart Engineering and due to the magic of magic, it arrived with all it's friends, and they're all now in the old Sunbeam mentioned in the title.  He started disassembly yesterday, and today finished reassembly with new parts installed.  I think the least fun part is scraping off all the old gasket.  He cleaned up the old broken and worn quadrant and gave it to me.  Right now it's holding pens on the kitchen table, which we don't often use for dining.

I knew I'd need a reminder, so I took a photo of his parts list.
Thank goodness for Stewart Engineering!  And some very helpful youtube videos.  He should be very pleased with himself.  It's a good thing to have lots of old things because they usually can provide him with something to do on a rainy day.

On the other hand, this window gasket is waiting to be installed on a very warm sunny day.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Minx Transmission Rebuilt

Mysterious to me, but to Him it's slightly less so.  It's not inside the Minx yet.  He has complaints about one thing and another, but thinks it will work more smoothly in future.  I have to help him now by working a jack.  (Scares me to pieces!  Him under car and me working jack!  Augh!).  I'm away from the jack now.  So far so good.  I would call those long rods transmission rods, but that's probably incorrect.  They're pretty, though, whatever they're called, but I like the gears best.  The car is 58 years old, or maybe 58 1/2.  I don't think this is the first time the transmission's been apart.

Now if the rubber windscreen seal comes, that will be ducky!  Especially if it's the right rubber.  I think He described it as "snakey".  A convoluted shape.  Certainly not straightforward.  Unless I'm making this all up, but why else would he have to special order it from England?  He just wants to get the car out of his motorcycle shop!

Thursday, October 26, 2017

2017 Birthday Camping Trip

 Here's the 1954 BSA B-31 on a camping trip to the coast.  This photo was taken Oct 5 by HH.  With a rider 68 years old and a bike 63 years old, they did quite well.
 Everytime he rides one of his motorcycles (which is not everyday, but nearly) he says that particular bike is running beautifully, better than ever.  The enthusiasm is without restraint.  He claims that whoever rebuilt it was brilliant.  He bought it on eBay and had it shipped from New Zealand
That was a long time ago.  He's sold the other BSA, a 650 Lightning, because it' not that different from his 650 Triumph Tiger.  Now he has a little more room in the shop.  He keeps talking of selling other motorcycles, but I think people have to actually give him good offers, like the kind he can't refuse.  That's how he sold the Lightning, not that he meant to.  It just happened.

 Anyway, back to this trip, which he says he'll do again next year, he was a little cold, and there wasn't enough daylight, and the ground was too hard, and it hurt just to get up in the morning, though he didn't sleep much.  It was too dark to do anything other than stay in the sleeping bag and wait for dawn.

On the way home,  he was zipping up a hill and the bike was running strong, until it wasn't.  He limped home and fixed it and says an intake valve was too tight, though he'd thought it was a clogged fuel line, and he changed the fuel filter.  Anyway, he fixed it after it got him home.  (Hooray B-31).  Now he says it's better than ever.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Little Old Honda on Mary's Peak

Beautiful morning and time to kill before HH's BFF from high school arrives, so HH took the little old Honda 100 for a ride up to the hill top.  BFF lives on the opposite coast, so his arrival is a Big Deal.  He works as an ASL interpreter and has always since high school driven motorcycles.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Nice Day so Far

Photo from a ride HH took after a month of rain.  He was the high bidder on an Ebay auction and bought a 1960 Series IIIA Hillman Minx, which we plan to pick up on Tuesday.  Have cleaned out the garage to make room for it.  I don't know where to park anymore, because I used to line up with a Rupp which isn't parked in there anymore.  He says he'll hang a tennis ball so I know where to park if I want him to.  So far I'm doing all right without it.
 The little BSA needed exercise, too.  No need to be rescued this time.  A crow stopped by for a visit.
 Here's a picture of the Minx.  It's got 4-doors, fog lights, a roof rack, and 4 on the floor.  I'm so excited.  Woo hoo!  Hope my shifting skills come back.  I failed last time I tried to drive a stick!