Friday, March 09, 2012

Moonlight Shadows

Last night the moon was full and round, and casting shadows from the newly pruned apple trees to the driveway where the BSAs are parked in the photo. The shadows looked very deformed. No one here is a champion arborist. Our new gravel is pale and may have helped the shadows show up. I don't know how to take pictures of moons or moonshadows.

Concert Sunday, and big write up in paper. Beautiful ballerinas will dance at the end to Ballet Egyptian.


Lorenzo da Ponte said...

Is the bike in the foreground a Sunbeam? I'm well aware that the others are Beezers. Ah, we're ships that have passed in the night. For three years I ran a blog called Works Well born out of an interest in technology, with a side order of motorcycling since I once worked on a UK magazine called MotorCycling. For reasons too complex to explain Works Well has been interred and Tone Deaf is in the process of taking me to a higher plane. Even so my desktop pic was for ages a Honda Fireblade which I would own if I weren't pushing 78 next birthday. the Beezers must be right at home in the soggy US north-west.

Avus said...

Love the foreground Sunbeam, Vita. It was always my ambition to own that model, but amongst my 48 bikes I never did (had a '37 single though) This looks like a very early edition of the S8. '47 or '48 maybe?
Tell Himself, if he is into Lawrence, he would enjoy "The Mint". A great chapter on riding a Brough Superior.

Vita said...

L da P and A, Yes, and no. Yes, it's a Sunbeam, as Avus has pointed out, and sort of no, it's a '47, but it's an S7, so I guess you could call it a very very early S8, ha ha.
48 Bikes! I don't think I could count Himself's bikes though the ages, but I'll ask him to do it. I will tell himself about The Mint; that sounds like exactly what he was hoping for from Lawrence. We were just talking about Brough Superiors this morning! I think I've seen MotorCycling, the UK magazine around here.